Blade Types & Characteristics



Scraperite blades have been developed using various engineered materials to meet an ever broadening range of use cases defined by our customers. Each blade could potentially be used on any surface, however, the solvents or chemicals used to clean the unwanted substance may destroy the blade or the underlying surface. The range of blade options ensures the right selection to match the surface being cleaned with the solvent used to remove the unwanted substance.

  • No collecting germs

Blades naturally lift dirt up and away without picking up germs and can be easily wiped with a disposable cloth after each stroke, unlike scrubbing pads and sponges that collect dirt with every pass. Scraperite safety scrapers are much better at scraping targeted areas, on soft surfaces where metal blades or scrubbing pads would damage a wider area of the underlying surface.

  • Low risk of property damage
  • Low risk of injury

They offer added safety by reducing risk of injury by laceration and risk of property damage. Combined with the curved blade, it becomes our safest scraper combination yet. The curved blade allows the user to create a rotating or circular motion with the wrist to more easily lift things stickers off.


  • non conductive
  • non magnetic
  • non corrosive non sparking*


Recycling Code 7 - bring these back for commercial recycling Recycling Code PA Official Reseller Network  Recycling Codes 7 and PA - bring these back for commercial recycling. They'll get ground up, melted, and made into something else. Program available through our Official Reseller Network, return the used product to the seller and we'll do the rest.



Blade types and specifications

Available compositions
Available compositions Scraperite plastic razor blade   SRSMBL clear Scraperite plastic scraper    Scraperite lil gripper scraper

This original patented double-edged design of the Scraperite plastic blade is best for corner access and straight line scraping. It is the workhorse of the line, the plastic blades series that helped build the brand and remains a key tool in many applications.

Standard rectangle Scraperite plastic blade  Local business safety scrapers  scraperite plastic blades series


Scraperite specialty curved plastic blade

Available compositions
Scraperite curved plastic blade compositions  Scraperite plastic razor blade scraper  Curved plastic safety scraper

CURVEY is THE ultimate Plastic Safety Scraper

The curved plastic blade increases several safety factors by virtually eliminating sharp corners. This is the ideal safety scraper for any application and would probably be a buyer's first choice, unless sharp corners are required for the job. This blade only fits Tradesman Series Holders.

Scraperite reseller opportunities Plastic razor blade scraper cleaning home


Scraperite wide plastic bladeAvailable compositions
Hard plastic scraper   Scraperite plastic razor blade compositions   The thickness makes the plastic blade tougher

With 10 centimeter (4 inch) reach, this blade offers nearly 3 times the coverage area per stroke as our other blades. It is also nearly twice as thick as the standard original blade to achieve faster workflow with safe effective performance. The thickness makes the blade tougher, able to withstand repeated use and cover wide areas before requiring replacement.


General purpose orange - GPO

Hard plastic scraper general purpose orange

The Orange General Purpose safety scraper blade is a forgiving material soft enough to be used on most soft surfaces like other plastics, thanks to its natural lubricity and pliability. It also has good resistance to household and industrial chemicals making a great all-around blade for general use around the home or workplace. Ideal for use on wood furniture and flooring, LCD displays, glass stovetops and stone countertops, and many other soft surfaces found around us in every day life. This resistance to chemicals makes it ideal for removing decals with chemicals like acetone used to quickly break down the acrylic adhesives. This material is approved by Alcoa and Boeing for use on aircraft alloys.

Recycling Code 7 - bring these back for commercial recycling Recycling Code 7 - bring these back for commercial recycling. They'll get ground up, melted, and made into something else.


Scraperite plastic razor blade medium blue    

These blades are tough. The polycarbonate base compound is similar to the materials used to make bulletproof partitions seen banks and guard booths. These safety scraper blades provide a balance of pliability and strength, conforming to curves and rough surfaces with slightly better resistance to edge wear than the Orange blade. Good on ceramics and stone as well as laminates and vinyl. Blue blades are tough enough for use in boat maintenance above and below the waterline including handling tough barnacle scraping without damaging the anti-fouling paint. This are the PCB polycarbonate blue Scraperite blades slightly reengineered for better performance.

Recycling Code 7 - bring these back for commercial recycling Recycling Code 7 - bring these back for commercial recycling. They'll get ground up, melted, and made into something else.


Removing stubborn substances from glass or tile    

This blade is made of a hard and more brittle material and is the most rigid. Its low flexibility keeps it flat when removing stubborn substances from hard flat surfaces such as glass or tile but is more prone to breakage under vertical pressure. This characteristic also increases edge durability under similar circumstances compared with other blades. Solvent must be carefully selected to ensure blade material will not break down.

Removing dead bugs from car bumper Recycling Code 7 - bring these back for commercial recycling. They'll get ground up, melted, and made into something else.


Commercial  recycling Code 7

The Black Industrial blades is an advanced engineered material ideal for trade professionals. Made of a highly durable chemical resistant compound, this blade offers a durable edge with high break strength yet flexible enough to conform to curved surfaces. Ideal for use where there is a lower risk of scratching the underlying surface and substance being removed requires heavy pressure. Similar to the Orange compound, it is suitable for use with chemicals used to remove RTV, other sealants, and pressure sensitive adhesive found in tape and stickers.

Removing sticker and commercial  recycling Code PA Recycling Code PA - bring these back for commercial recycling. They'll get ground up, melted, and made into something else.


ACETIC ACID 10% Best plastic blades acetic acid   Scraperite plastic blade acetic acid  
ACETONE Scraperite gpo blades acetone     Blades plastic acetone
ALCOHOL: ISOPROPYL Biggrippers alcohol isopropyl plastic razor blade holder Rectangle blade alcohol isopropyl safety scraper    
AMMONIA     plastic safety scrapers blades ammonia Ammonia composite blades
BENZENE Benzene Scraperite specialty curved plastic blade     Scraprite benzene blade plastic
BLEACH 15%   Scraperite blades bleach Scrape rite bleach  
CITRIC ACID Scraperite plastic blades comparison citric acid Plastic razor blade scraper comparison citric acid Scraperite blades citric acid Plastic scraper blades citric acid
DISH SOAP Scraperite plastic razor blades dish soap Plastic razor blades dish soap Plastic razor blade scraper dish soap Plastic scraper blades dish soap
FORMALDEHYDE 40% Scraperite plastic razor blades Formaldehyde   Scraperite plastic scraper blades Formaldehyde  
FORMIC ACID 3%     Scraperite plastic razor blades formic acid Scraperite plastic scraper blades formic acid
HYDROFLUORIC ACID 4%   Scraperite plastic razor blades hydrofluoric acid    
LYE Scraperite plastic razor blades lye     Plastic blades near me
METHYL ETHYL KETONE (MEK) Scraperite plastic razor blades methyl ethyl ketone     Cleaning windshield with razor blade scraper
NITRIC ACID 0.1%   Scraperite plastic razor blades nitric acid plastic scrapers nitric acid  
SULFURIC ACID 5%   Scraperite plastic razor blades sulfuric acid    
TURPENTINE Scraperite plastic razor blades turpentine     Razor blade scraper turpentine
VINEGAR Scraperite plastic razor blades vinegar Scrape surface with vinegar plastic blades Scraperite plastic scraper tool Plastic blades local scraper shops near me
XYLENE Scraperite plastic razor blades xylene     Scraperite flat-surface scrapers xylene



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DELICATE OR SOFT Plastic razor blade scraper on delicate or soft surfaces
UNEVEN OR WAVY Plastic blade scraper uneven or wavy
HARD FLAT Composite blades on hard flat
UNEVEN OR ROUGH FINISH Plastic razor blade scraper on uneven or rough finish



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MINIMUM (°C/°F) -50/-58 -40/-40 -40/-40 -40/-40
MAXIMUM (°C/°F) 65/149 118/246 49/120 80/176